Sustainability Partners

What Makes Green Kitchen "Green" ?

At Green Kitchen, our name reflects our commitment to both environmental sustainability and healthy, nutritious meal plans. We understand the importance of making conscious choices that not only nourish our bodies but also protect and preserve the planet we call home.

ABOUT Green kitchen Sustainability partners

Sustainability Partner Spotlight

In this section, we highlight our sustainability partners who have played a significant role in our journey. Through their expertise, resources, and shared values, we have been able to create a positive impact in the kitchen industry. Each partner's logo and a brief description of their contribution will be showcased, along with a link to their website for further information.

Our Mission

At Green Kitchen we celebrate and acknowledge the valuable partnerships that have helped us in our mission towards creating a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Our Vission

Our vision is have further collaborations  and support from our esteemed partners, who share our commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

Our Packaging

Founded in 2006, BioPak is the leading eco-friendly foodservice packaging company in Australia and New Zealand with recent expansion to the UK and Singapore. They offer compostable packaging made from rapidly renewable, plant-based raw materials for Green Kitchen preserving our meals as well as protecting the environment.

Selvia Shrimp

Selva Shrimp® are raised without feed or chemicals. Everything our shrimp need to grow is provided by the mangrove forest. A perfect regenerative food production system.

Blue Acres

We are the urban farm that cultivates natural and freshest produce sustainably. No pesticides, all-natural. All ingredients that have gone into the farm are carefully selected and sourced.

Alternative Selection

Alternative Selection is the first wholesaler of alternative gourmet, organic, allergen and preservative free specialty foods in Singapore. Products and services offered include full comprehensive range of organic meat products.