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Welcome to Delicious.

Green Kitchens mission is to make healthy eating delicious. Each meal is crafted by our chef-owner, Maxamilian, to provide you with dishes that are just as incredibly balanced in flavour as they are in nutrition.

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Real Food. Nothing More, nothing less.

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At Green Kitchen we create delicious, healthy dishes and meal plans designed by chefs who care about nutrition without compromising on flavour.

  • Chef Created Signature Dishes

    Gone are the days of the boring, uninspired meal plans. Green Kitchen introduces to the market bold, invigorating flavor profiles by the brilliant mind of Chef Maxamilian Mepham

  • Sustainable Through & Through.

    We use Singapore’s largest selection of local greens, showcasing amazing dishes by working with Singapore’s farmers and suppliers to source the fresher healthiest food for our customers. Always trying to work with our environment and nature to create brilliant vibrant and nutritious dishes.

  • Nutritious

    Maxamilian only uses the best (restaurant-grade) produce available in Singapore. Uber-fresh & vibrant ingredients sourced from sustainable local and regional producers to make your personalized meal plans a wholesome and nutritious experience!

  • Personalized

    Personalized meal plan journey begins with a personal call with our Chef-Founder, Maxamilian. He brings a wealth of culinary experience to the conversation. Prior to Green Kitchen. Having a private chef doesn't have to cost you the bank.

Balanced Meal Plans

Balanced meal prepared by our chef featuring sustainably sourced local produce.

Pescatarian Meal Plans

Seafood focused meal prepared by our in-house chef featuring sustainably sourced local produce.

Vegetarian Meal Plans

Vegetarian meals prepared by chef Maxamilian Mepham featuring sustainably sourced local produce.

Vegan Meal Plans

Vegan Meal Plans featuring sustainably sourced local produce.


Clean food with finely balanced and interesting flavours, executed well but without the exorbitant pricetag.

“I ordered a full day menu which included 3 meals, where we had to be under 2000 calories in total for my daily intake. I absolutely love how customisable each meal is in order to suit personal specifications with zero compromise on flavour and nutrition. Super convenient, high quality food delivered to your doorsteps which is everything you need to fulfil  your dietary needs!”

“I am always after food delivered that is fresh, quality produce, healthy AND tasty. Often I find the healthy angle negates the taste. Green Kitchen defies that concept and manages to offer dishes to enjoy at home that are incredible across the board.”

“Nutritious and healthy meals can be delicious too with Green Kitchen's Immunity Boost Bowls. I will never see salad the same anymore with its vibrant flavours and delightful textures!”

“I was so happy to find The Green Kitchen which provided an amazing spread of healthy, nutritious, and simply gorgeous food right to our door. The striploin was my fave while my husband loved the barramundi. It’s so nice to have a sustainable and delicious choice for delivery when trying to achieve health goals.”

"I just wanted to say that I have fallen IN LOVE with your food. I have always had difficulties preparing healthy food at home as it often tastes rather bland. But, I have found such satisfaction with your awesome meal plans, that I no longer need to eat tasteless meal. As a busy mom who does not always have time to dedicate to preparing healthy food for myself, I appreciate you!"