At Green Kitchen we create delicious, healthy dishes and meal plans designed by chefs who care about nutrition without compromising on flavour.

We build every meal with a strong foundation of fresh greens, guaranteed to keep you fueled for the day ahead.


Our ethos when it comes to food is simple - Better for you, Better for the planet. We understand that customers want sustainable dining options that meet their nutritional and ethical needs and so we took it upon ourselves to deliver Singapore just that. 

Quality Ingredients

Our seasonable ingredients are sourced from sustainable farming practices. We work with some of Singapore's finest farmers and suppliers to ensure our food is of the best quality there is to offer.

Eat Well

We let the raw ingredients be the hero of each dish, producing quick vibrant, flavoursome meals with none of the fast-food guilt.

Our Founder

Our Head Chef & Founder, Maxamilian Mepham brings 15+ years of international culinary experience to the table, cooking for royalty, fine & casual dining restaurants, private yachts and more. Trust us. Rather it's our meal plan offerings or dishes, we ensure you that we our meals are head and shoulders above the rest.